Musings: Brewery review, Timber Creek and Voodoo

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Visiting the in-laws, I got a chance to visit two local breweries in Meadville, PA (south of Erie), Timber Creek Tap and Table and Voodoo Brewery . Tap and Table is a brewpub with eight beers on tap, including a rotating Belgian, and two seasonals. We didn’t eat there, so no food reviews. Word on the street is that service is pretty rough, but we didn’t have any problems in the Tap room side. The atmosphere was pretty laid back, with an industrial lodge feel, highlighted by a windowed floor to the brewery below. Although, I couldn’t help but think that was pretty creepy for the ladies in the bar.

Their beers were pretty much to style, and all pretty good. Unfortunately, nothing really stood out as great. The highlights included the Dortmunder, if you like the style (too sweet for me, but the wife loved it). The stout was pretty solid, too, with a good chocolate and coffee notes, but not so strong you couldn’t have more than one (see Voodoo below). The IPA seemed too hoppy almost, lacking a good backbone to support the five (really!) hops used. It reminding me of a young brewer who decided more IBUs must be better without considering structure. We’ve all been there, but it was disappointing from the pros here. One other note, they also brew a root beer on site. Cool and kid friendly.

Voodoo, in downtown Meadville, is a pretty cool place. Again, we didn’t eat, but the food coming from the kitchen looked pretty tasty. It had a more hip industrial vibe, long tables and bar, and was a good setup to linger. Their beers were more inventive, and most pretty solid. They seems to love Belgians as well, offering three different ones among their 10 offerings. Six of these are year round, and four are rotating. My only complaint was that they seem to love ABVs, with all standard taps above 7.5%. The rotating taps had some session beers to balance, though. These guys have been distributing around PA since 2007, and just moved into New York.

I really enjoyed the brown ale, and brought a growler back to the in-laws’ to enjoy. They also had an imperial stout that was great, coming in at 12%, that’ll knock your socks off. If you like Belgians, their offerings were pretty solid too. Their IPA rotates by season also, changing throughout the year. This will definitely be a standard stop on our visits as I really enjoyed the beers here. If your in the area, I’d suggest you make a stop and check it out.


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