Opus 18: My Bonnie’s Scottish Heavy

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Recipes

Today was one for the wife. She is a big fan of Scottish-style ales, so I created this recipe more for her than me. Brewing hint: Keep the wife happy! I’m hoping to enter this one in a competition or two, and I’ll probably sample a few, but most of them will go to her.

This recipe is a direct ripoff of Jamil’s NHC winning recipe, and is technically a Scottish Export 80 or Scottish Heavy. No jokes there, please.

The name comes from one of the most popular Scottish folk songs, and is my first “song specific” name. I took the “love song” interpretation, where Bonnie is his love (not the exiled prince).

Opus 18: My Bonnie’s Scottish Heavy
Recipe Opus 18: My Bonnie’s Scottish Heavy Style Scottish Export 80/-
Brewer Bandmaster’s Brewing Batch 3.00 gal
All Grain

Recipe Characteristics

Recipe Gravity 1.054 OG Estimated FG 1.013 FG
Recipe Bitterness 20 IBU Alcohol by Volume 5.2%
Recipe Color 18° SRM Alcohol by Weight 4.1%


Quantity Grain Type Use
0.10 lb Chocolate Malt (British) – [Chocolate, Coffee, Nutty, Toasted] Grain Mashed
0.20 lb Crystal 120L – [Body, Caramel, Head, Sweet] Grain Mashed
0.50 lb Crystal 40L – [Body, Caramel, Head, Sweet] Grain Mashed
4.50 lb Golden Promise Malt (British) – [Mellow, Sweet, Clean] Scottish and English ales Grain Mashed
0.25 lb Honey Malt (Canadian) Grain Mashed
0.25 lb Munich (German) – [Malty, Sweet – Redish Color] Grain Mashed
Quantity Hop Type Time
0.50 oz Kent Goldings (U.K.) – Aroma and dry hop intensely resiny, candy-like, sweet, slightly floral and spicy Pellet 60 minutes
Quantity Misc Notes
1.00 unit Safale S-05 Dry Ale Yeast Yeast American: Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS

Recipe Notes

BiaB Mash at 158 for 90 minutes, ferment at 65. Irish moss added at 10 minutes.

Batch Notes

I mashed in 5.25 gallons of water, dough in at 160, for 90 minutes. I wanted to start a bit high, since I have had issues maintaining temps. Preboil gravity 1.035. OG 1.044, a bit low, but still in style. Yeast pitched at 70.


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