Bottling: Opus 15, Earle Brown Ale

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Bottling Notes, Recipes

I bottled this one up tonight with 2.8 oz of corn sugar, batch primed through my new icing bucket.

Quick notes:

The auto siphon/bottling wand was great, and fast. Even quicker if the bottle is below the bucket. I also had some issues with trub and hop debris. I got 34 bottles, including 3 trub bottles (1 of which was the first bottle in the new setup, which got some air into it).

I’m going to have to research rinsing yeast some more. My experiment with that was a failure.

The hydro sample tasted of biscuit, nutty, and chocolate. I think this one is going to be amazing when ready.

FG ended at 1.012, very close to the estimate of 1.016!


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