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Just a quick note to say that I bottled this one up last evening. FG was 1.016, a bit higher than last time, but within the margin of error. I used 2.3 oz of corn sugar again to batch prime.

My bottling bucket cracked, so I had to improvise a solution. Luckily, I had an empty LBK, so I used that instead. I also cold crashed the fermenting LBK for 48 hours at 45 degrees to get some of the trub to drop out. That worked pretty well, but I still ended up clogging the wand at the start.

Disappointing only ended up with 20 bottles total, including the 2 trub bottles. But, those 20 are pretty clear. The hydrotest was good, golden and hoppy!


The Dubliners Stout gives me hope that I can do all grain! I borrowed the recipe from High Iron, a poster over at Mr. Beer Fans, and combined with my new found knowledge from my first BiAB attempt, It’s pretty fantastic, jet black with a light body and mouthfeel. It has enough bitterness to balance the roasted malt, leaving flavors of coffee on the palate. It’s surprisingly easy drinking for a stout, and sessionable a 4.2%.

This one will be on the rebrew list soon, maybe with a vanilla addition. Definitely good as is, though! I hoped to save it for St. Patrick’s Day, but I doubt it will make it that far!

My first impression of the Britton ESB was not good. But after giving it some time, it’s much improved. It’s way undercarbed, even though I followed the levels recommended by tastybrew. Maybe it is correct for the style, but I’d prefer more bubbles. More time has helped bring this around.

As for the taste, it’s aged pretty well. There is a sweetness, with a subtle hop presence. I was expecting more hoppiness, and maybe that is what I’m tasting, and confusing the English hops. It’s a fruity sweetness, which I attribute to the hops and yeast combination. It’s pretty good on its own, but not quite what I expected in flavor. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but good enough to revisit in the future, perhaps with a different recipe.

I bottled up the Amadeus Ale, Movement 2 tonight, using 2.2 oz of corn sugar in a batch prime. It ended up with an FG of 1.011, close enough to the projection from the recipe. The hydrometer sample was pretty tasty, with a hoppy front aroma and solid malt backbone. The color is much more brown than red, but that may clear up a bit in the bottle.

In botting this up, I did have a couple snags. The dry hops seemed to float on top much more than last time, leaving lots of floaters throughout the fermentor. Combined with the trub at the bottom, I dumped a good amount and only would up with 18 good bottles, plus two trub bottles. I also had to stop and clean out some hops from the bottling wand after a clog, something I hadn’t had to do in quite a while.

I made three changes with this beer, so I can’t pinpoint the cause. This was the first beer made using my new wort chiller, and the first using an actual fermentation fridge, so that may have caused the extra trub. It’s also the first time I used Irish moss, so that may have helped keep the hops together (I’m not sure on that…I’ll be researching it). I think I will be cold crashing the APA to prepare it for bottling in the next couple days.

At any rate, based on the sample, I do think this will be a pretty tasty beer come March!