Tasting: Gene Autry Ale

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Recipes, Tasting Notes

Well, we hit December, so I finally cracked open the Gene Autry Ale
last evening. I actually first tasted the true bottle back on Thanksgiving, but since that was after several other celebratory libations, I thought it best to post after my second tasting.

This brew pours with a nice, thick head due to the extended conditioning time. I thought it was over carbed at first, but I really liked how it ended up. The head was thick and lasting, and it left lots of good lacing. Visually, the beer’s cloudy ruby color was very nice with the yellow foam!

The orange peel is fairly prominent, more than I would have liked. You get a hint of spicy hops, too, which help to balance the flavor. The body is strong, and there is a lot of interesting flavor combinations throughout the glass. I enjoyed this complexity, but kept wishing the orange would back off and let some other notes come out. The beer itself is great, and this would probably be pretty good as an amber beer on it’s own. But the spices need a bit more balance. Next year, I’ll try less orange peel, abut half, and two cinnamon sticks instead of one. Still, you could taste the hops playing with these notes, and the malt was strong enough to hold up, which I’ll take as a win.

I have 7 more bottles in the fridge, and 12 gift bottles in the closet. I’m curious how this will continue to age, but I think I’ll just finish these off throughout the season instead!



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