Bottling: Opus 8, Robert Johnson IPA

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Bottling Notes, Recipes

Day 21 of fermentation, and I finally got around to putting this one in the bottle. A trip out of town left it a bit longer than hoped, so we’ll see if it helped or not. I don’t think it will be much of a problem, but it’s a bit off schedule.

I did put the dry hop of 1/2 oz. of Centennial hops in on day 7 (thinking I would bottle at day 14). I’m not sure how the extra time will add or subtract to the flavor. I’m thinking the aroma will be more intense, but maybe I’ll lose some of it because it won’t be as fresh. Not sure which way it will go.

I also used a paint strainer bag for this dry hop, thinking it will avoid the floating hop residue I had last time I dry hopped. I even through about 5 sanitized marbles in the bag to weigh it down. It seemed to work pretty well, the bag sunk to bottom and the hops were a nice gooey mess!

I ended up with 21 bottles, 3 of which were trub bottles. I left a bit more than usual in the LBK when I transferred, thinking that would clear it up a bit more. It was a dark brown color, which I’m hoping will clear a bit more red, but the aroma was fantastic as I bottled. FG was 1.012, a bit low, but Qbrew tends to be slightly low with Mr. Beer gravities.

I’m pretty excited for another good IPA!


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