Bottling: Handel’s Hefe

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Bottling Notes, Recipes

I was able to bottle up the Handel this afternoon.  I used 1.9 oz of corn sugar, using the American Wheat as my guide. I’m trying to do more of a German style Witbier, but that option isn’t on the tastybrew calculator, and the maibock number was about the same (1.8). The beer gave off a nice banana scent, just like I had hoped. The FG measured at 1.013, but that was with lots of trub in the tube. I forgot to get an FG reading before bottling (thus using the trub for the FG), and I ended up with exactly 22 bottles. I didn’t want to sacrifice a bottle just to take a reading!

The new event with this batch was my first blowout! As you recall, this was my first batch using a liquid yeast. Apparently, the krausen got so big, it hit the top of my plastic fermentation tub, and left a nice little ring of mold around the base of the LBK. I know I need to invest in an appropriate fermentation chamber, but it’s just not happening right now. I expect the beer to be fine, but probably throw off more esters than it should (along with that yummy banana that I want). I’m not sure how to fix that next time, besides controlling the fermentation temp, or to try a different yeast.

This should be a good hefe come June!


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