Tasting: Amadeus Ale and Ludwig IPA

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Recipes, Tasting Notes

The 138th Kentucky Derby was this weekend, and around here, that means it’s party time! Luckily this year, I two beers to share with my friends. Both of them came around just in time, 7 weeks for the Amadeus (2-3-2) and 6 weeks for the Ludwig.

As you recall, I did taste the trub bottle of the Amadeus about two weeks ago. I did the same for the Ludwig last week, but didn’t post about it. Those tastings were mostly to check the carb level.

Both beers have improved drastically since then. First up, the Amadeus. This one has developed a nice malty flavor, and the steeped caramel grains really shine through. They are clearly a nice addition to the original recipe. There is a nice balance from the hops, too, which offer a clean, subtle finish. But the star here is definitely the caramel flavor. The carb level is near perfect, with a good head and some lacing on the glass throughout. I’ve noticed more clarity over the last few days, too, so I think time will really clear it up. Overall, it’s a well balanced recipe and a big improvement from my last batch. And it was a hit at the party, too!

Even with the success of the Amadeus, the Ludwig IPA is my first “Wow, this is great!” beer. It brings a nice hoppy flavor with every sip, and the mix of hops add a great variety of flavors. You still get some of the caramel malt from the steeped grain to add balance and keep the hops from overwhelming, too. I’m a fan of hops, though, and this beer doesn’t disappoint. Every time I finish, I really want to open another! The carbing might actually be a little too much (remember, I added a bit more than recommended), but I think it’s pretty well on. It creates a bit more head than the Amadeus, which I think works with this style, and leaves a nice lacing through most of the glass. I also think this one will age well, and should really peak in a few more weeks.

With both of these recipes, I kept 10-12 bottles back in warm storage. It will be interesting to see how these bottles compare to the cold conditioned ones. As for the recipes themselves, I don’t think I would change a thing with the Ludwig IPA. I would probably recommend a bit more hoppy flavor for the Amadeus, maybe 1/4 oz. of Amarillo at 5 minutes, or perhaps even a dry hop just to add some aroma. My wife is a big fan of malty, though, so she’d disagree as she really likes this one as is (btw, an important step for the new brewer…your wife likes what you make!). I wouldn’t want to over hop, but a bit more balance would be good for me.

Definitely two recipes I can be proud of brewing!

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