Bottling: Ludwig IPA

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Bottling Notes, Recipes, Uncategorized

My son was home sick today, so during his morning nap, I took the opportunity to bottle up the Ludwig IPA. Only one change on this one since the last time, and that is to use  a 3 foot hose tube from the hardware store to rack the beer to my batch priming container. I discovered last time that the new Mr. Beer spigot does not fit my bottling wand, and although I tried to rig something up for the Amadeus, it didn’t work that well.

The only other change is the recommended amount of corn sugar. I am afraid that I may have undercarbed the Amadeus, which I measured using tastybrew’s calculator. For an IPA, they recommended even less sugar (1.3 oz). Maybe I’ll be out of the proper style, but I upped it to 2 oz to be safe.

I got 20 good bottles out of this batch, and one more trub bottle. A new problem also popped up, too. After about 18 bottles, the trub backed up in the bottling wand and really slowed things down. I cleaned it out and dipped it in sanitizer before bottling the last 3 bottles, so if they are contaminated, I know why. I think the clog was because of the dry hop I used, so I’ll just have to live with it. Maybe I can keep some sanitizer in reserve to clean the wand if it happens again.

I also expected a bigger aroma to this one, which I didn’t get. It smelled good, but not big. The hydrometer taste was good, though, and this one should turn out pretty well, I think. The FG was 1.014, .002 lower than qbrew expected. Looks like a good one!


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