Recipe: Ludwig IPA, Opus 4

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Recipes
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I was home from work today and brewed up this batch. It is a variation on the Prince Ludwig recipe from Mr. Beer. I’ve made several additions, however, and used the hops I had on hand to turn this into an IPA. I used a similar steeping technique in my previous batch, the Amadeus Ale.

This batch comes in at 6.3% and 59 IBUs. It’ll be a nice amber color at 14*. On the hydrometer, it measures 1.050 OG, compared to Qbrew’s 1.065.


.4 lbs of 20L Crystal Malt (I wanted .25, but measured wrong at the LHBS)

1 lb of Munton’s Light DME

1 can of Mr. Beer Whispering Wheat Weizenbeir

1 can of Mr. Beer Vienna Octoberfest Lager

.5 oz of Simcoe hops at 20 minutes

.5 oz of Amarillo hops at 5 minutes

.25 oz of Cascade hops at flameout

.25 oz of Cascade hops dry into LBK at 7 days

US-05 Yeast

In a similar fashion as before, I steeped the grains by raising 1 gallon of water to 170 degrees, then removed from the heat. I then added the Crystal in a steeping bag for 30 minutes, stirring every 10, and covered the pot. I used a bath towel to attempt to insulate the heat and keep it above 150*

Once finished, I brought this to a boil, and removed again from the heat. I then added the DME, slowly, while stirring to dissolve.

I returned this to the heat and brought to a boil for the hops. I added Simcoe at 20 minutes, and Amarillo at 5 minutes.

I then removed the wort and added the Cascade hops and both cans of the HME. Then ice bath, filled the LBK with cold tap water, aerated the wort, and pitched the rehydrated yeast (boil 4 oz water, cool to 90 degrees in freezer, sprinkle yeast, cover for 15 minutes, swirl or stir, cover 15 minutes, then pitch).

I plan to add the other Cascade hops in 7 days.

Smells great! I’m really looking forward to this IPA!

  1. […] The 138th Kentucky Derby was this weekend, and around here, that means it’s party time! Luckily this year, I two beers to share with my friends. Both of them came around just in time, 7 weeks for the Amadeus (2-3-2) and 6 weeks for the Ludwig. […]

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