Bottling: Quesnel Ale Update

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Bottling Notes, Recipes

Just a quick update as I finished bottling the Quesnel. This is my first attempt at glass bottles (recycling from Sam Adams, Great Lakes, and Southern Tier bottles). It’s also my first attempt at batch priming. I followed the directions I found here, but used 1/4 table sugar instead of 1/2 cup of corn sugar like Mike does.

To do the batch prime, I had to improv a bit. Since my new spigot is not yet in, I rigged a 3/8″ (inside) hose to the LBK. I ran the wort through this into a 2.5 gallon slimline water container I found at Walmart (as recommended on the Mr. Beer Community). This seemed to have worked to minimize the air.

The bottling wand I bought fit into the slimline container, so the actual bottling part was pretty easy and quick (about 30 minutes).

The sanitation of the bottles took the longest amount of time and will need revision. I used the sanitizer in the Slimline and threw in the bottle caps, wand, and a small bowl to dip the spigot of the LBK. After 10-20 minutes, I then filled all the bottles with that, taking about 1 hour. Two hours for the entire bottling process is much too long, so if I can cut down on the filling, dumping, then refilling, I think I can get it down to an hour.

So what’s the plan? My dishwasher has a sanitation cycle, which I used when I cleaned the bottles. If I run them through again before bottling, I can relax and have clean, sanitized bottles when I start filling instead of doing this as part of the process. I also think I may use the corn sugar if I can find it.

At least the wort still smells amazing. I think this beer will turn out great in four weeks!

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