Recipe: Quesnel Ale, Opus 2 (Canadian Draft with Partial Mash)

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Recipes
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Two weeks ago, I saw this video and thought, “Hey, I can do that.” I researched partial mashing a bit more, then visited my local home brew store (LHBS) to learn how to buy grain. I replaced the video’s Vienna Lager with the High Country Canadian Draft, since the guys mentioned they preferred it. Otherwise, I interpreted it the same.

I learned a few things along the way. First, the guys over at my LHBS are super nice and helpful. They didn’t question my fumbling around at all, and were happy I found what I needed. Secondly, I learned that “resting the mash” means to take it off the heat and wrap it in a towel to retain temperature. For this one, I mistakenly lowered the heat, which caused a spike in my steeping temperature. We’ll see in a few weeks how badly I messed that up, as the grain is supposed to release bad tannins over 170. Oops.

All it all, though, I really enjoyed the process and think that steeping and partial mashing opens up a big world of possibilities in brewing.

By the way, who’s Quesnel? He’s a famous Canadian composer of opera.

2 lbs. of 2-row Pale malt

4 oz. of 60L Crystal malt

.5 oz Amarillo hops

.5 oz Simcoe hops

1 can of Mr. Beer High Canadian Country Draft

Heat 3 quarts water to 165 degrees (on my stove, 7)

Add milled grains:

2 lbs of 2-row, 4 oz. of 60L Crystal

Mix well, cover, let mash for 60 minutes @ 152 degrees (this means to take it off the heat, and wrap the pot in towels to maintain temperature). Stir every 10 minutes

Bring 2 quarts water to 170 degrees in 2nd pot

If not using steeping bag:

Scoop grain into colander over 3rd pot

Pour wort from 1st pot over grains in 3rd pot

Sparge with water from 2nd pot over grains to get about 1 gallon total. If using steeping bag, remove steeping bag.

Boil wort, stirring, for 1 hour

Sanitize LBK, add ½ gallon of water

During last 5 minutes, add hops

At end of boil, remove from heat and add extract

Chill pot in ice bath, stirring occasionally

When wort reaches room temperature, let trub settle, and add to LBK. Do not pour all contents in the LBK (keep the trub out).

Top with water and stir with sanitized spoon to aerate.

Boil, then cool (to 80 degrees) 1 cup of water. Add packet of Saffel US-05 yeast to hydrate.

Add yeast to LBK and stir.

I fermented for 2 weeks at 71 degrees (house temp). I plan to batch prime this one, too (my first attempt at that!).


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